Istanbul from Dawn till Dusk

Istanbul from Dawn till Dusk tells the story of a fisherman who sets off at dawn to fish in the beautiful Bosporus. We enter his male world through visits to cafés, where men play cards and talk about life while drinking Turkish coffee. At this time the women are taking part in the famous Istanbul Fashion’s Night Out – where famous fashion clothing brandshost fashion shows and photographic sessions. We also look into ordinary Turkish homes – like that of a 90-year-old lady who still works out every morning. We are witnesses to a beautiful scene of love – a husband caring for his wife, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. We also meet a Kurdish family, weaving garlands of flowers in their small flat which they then sell at dusk on the main streets of Istanbul. It all contributes to a compelling portrait of Istanbul submerged in the sounds of the azancall to prayer, which permeates the entire city.