Istanbul (Turkey)  

Workshop:  14 - 28.09.2014  

Tutors: Jacek Bławut, Marcel Łoziński, Vita Żekakeviciute 

Partners:  Bahçeşehir University, Communication Faculty, Cinema and Television Department, Photography and Video Department

A workshop took place at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul from 14-28 September 2014. The participants in the workshop were students of the Faculty of Communication, Film and Television specialisation. Tutors Marcel Lozinski, Jacek Blawut and Vita Zelakeviciute supervised the project. On the production side the Polish team was made up of Katarzyna Boniecka, responsible for editing the material and the entire film, Victoria Ogneva, production manager, and Cansu Boguslu and Sebastian Weber, students from the cinematography department at Lodz Film School. Leyla Comert, a graduate of Lodz Film School and originally from Turkey, acted as interpreter during the workshop. She was also fully involved in the process of making the film. On the Turkish side the project was watched over by Aysegul Selenga and Delizia Flaccavento.