Film: „Minsk from Dawn till Dusk”

A few young guys wearing some sports sweatshirts run across the city treating each wall, stairs, a park bench and even a monument like natural obstacles to overcome by a jump or somersault. Parkour in Minsk, the capital of Belarus? Why not? The cine camera presents this point of view coming on the fly against the guard shift in front of the Victory Monument, pedestrians in the undergrounds and habitués of local pedestrian zones. However, sometimes it slows down to look into the taxi, a lecture hall, a lab or just to pay a visit on a piano lesson. In each of these sites there is a hero you cannot forget. He leaves a significant trace in the further course of the story. These portraits – sharp and full of contrast – reveal the curtain for a while, the curtain which still hides the secrets of life in Belarus making it exotically mysterious.