TOKYO (Japan)

Workshop:   02-18.08.2011

Tutors: Pawel Lozinski, Jacek Petrycki, Rafal Listopad

Partners: Japan Academy of Moving Images, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo

A workshop in Tokyo was held at Nihon Eiga Gakko from 2nd to 18th August under the supervision of Professors Tadao Sato and Shigeki Chiba. Doctor Koichi Kuyama was in charge of organizational coordination and interpretation. The workshop was run by outstanding Polish filmmakers: Pawel Lozinski, Jacek Petrycki, Rafal Listopad and Marek Skrzecz, who supported the participants by sharing their expertise – teaching the craft of filmmaking and revealing secrets of the art of directing and cinematography. Rafał Listopad supervised editing at “Tokyo from Dawn till Dusk”. During the first four days of the workshop young Japanese filmmakers together with tutors worked on the overall concept of the film. They were searching for the best way to illustrate the daily life of this Japanese metropolis. Their goal was to show a Tokyo unknown to European viewers – a city full of contrasts, hanging between tradition and ultra-modernity. Fast living and new lifestyles are shown alongside celebration of daily rituals and respect for tradition. Therefore we will have an unique opportunity to see on the big screen a lesson from Master Kanze Tetsunojo with a little boy in Tessenkai Theatre, the celebrations of The Day of the Death in Japan as well as a young man, who earns a living by reading comics on the street for random passers-by.